- Lokalna energetska agencija Gorenjske
Slovenski trg 1, 4000 Kranj
Tel: +386 59 92 49 74
e-mail: info@leag.si

About us

The Local Energy Agency of Gorenjska was founded as a public institution by the City Municipality of Kranj in 2009, and was co-financed by the European Commission programme Intelligent Energy Europe

We offer consultation with municipalities and companies on energy management, preparation of documentation for tenders, use of Renewable Energy Sources and the documents required by law.

The Agency works in accordance with local and national programmes concerning Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Rational Use of Energy (RUE) to actively promote the energy outlook of the region.

The Local Energy Agency of Gorenjska assists local institutions in planning projects to reduce energy consumption and maximise energy efficiency. Activities are directed towards raising public awareness in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources such as biomass, biogas, geothermal, solar and hydroelectric energy.

Through seminars, workshops, conferences and our website we help to remove or reduce local obstacles to the implementation of RES and RUE. We can provide professional support, knowledge and experience to all educational institutions.

Emphasis is placed on developing a new approach to saving energy in businesses and public buildings. We are committed to fulfilling the energy, environmental and international objectives of RES and RUE.


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